Naomi Hattaway

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What Anne says:

Naomi somehow manages to be equally passionate and compassionate, open to listening and yet ready to speak. I am impressed by the level of dedication and mastery, and the quality of her character: Naomi is honest and transparent.

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What Michael says:

Naomi is self motivated, a natural organizer and leader. Naomi identifies unmet needs, uses her personal experience to create a plan, brings those with influence or interest together, and creates new venues for sharing, exchanging and growing. Naomi has great energy and is seen by her peers as an innovator.

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What Kara says:

Naomi is a game changer and a difference maker. She believes in community, whether it’s the city where she lives or an online community of people with common interests. She is driven by a passionate desire to make the world a better place and she definitely brings that to everything she does, exceeding expectations along the way. 

About Naomi

About Naomi

A native of Nebraska, I possess the innate ideals of a true Midwesterner, paired with a unique perspective from four years overseas, and time lived across the United States as well. My personal history affords me a nuanced understanding of established systems in all those areas. I insist on empathy and equity for those who present differently than I do. A mother of three children (25, 17 and 14), with a house full of rescue pups and cats, we love living in District 6, in our home near the Elkhorn River.

  • I believe in community impact.
  • I believe in listening—between the lines.
  • I believe quiet power is a form of activism.
  • I believe in the magic of kindness.
  • I believe in the beauty of building something that matters.
  • I believe we each have leadership inside of us.
  • I believe we can each contribute – when we find meaningful ways and lanes of impact.

About City Council

What does a City Council do?

The Omaha City Council has the power to adopt, amend or repeal ordinances (as well as the power to adopt the budget, make/confirm appointments, call for audits and other necessary actions consistent with the City charter).

District 6 of the Omaha City Council has approximately 50,000 registered voters. The last City Council election left over 31,000 votes on the table.

District 6 encompasses four school districts and shares constituents with 5 Nebraska State Senators and 3 Douglas County Commissioners.

Latest News

Darling Magazine : Naomi Hattaway

Our city governments need to be rooted in equity. They must work to address our implicit biases as they relate to decisions we make, policies we enact and the way that we listen to our citizens. Leadership needs to be accessible, welcoming and engaged, and I bring that to the table. I am the right candidate to help provide economic advantages for more people, lead in innovative development and housing and collaborate together for Omaha.

Mode Shift Omaha : Naomi Hattaway

It’s encouraging to see that we don’t need a magic wand in Omaha after all, but simply a renewed willingness to listen and learn, with some bravery and gumption from our elected officials sprinkled over the top.

KIOS Interview : Naomi Hattaway

Naomi Hattaway, former Program Director Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, stopped by the KIOS-FM studios to share with Mike Hogan why Omaha needs affordable housing, including the importance of property transfers through estate planning and title/deed work.

Omaha Executive Institute : Naomi Hattaway

While in India, Naomi ran the New Delhi American Women’s Association and was involved with Make a Difference, a Michelle Obama initiative dedicated to ensuring better outcomes for Indian children living in the slum across the street from the school her children attended.