Naomi stands at a podium with the Omaha Housing Authority logo on it. Congressman Bacon and Lt. Governor Foley sit behind her and watch her speak.

Working across the aisle

March 23, 2021

Omaha’s City Council is nonpartisan, meaning that even though our political ideologies play a role in our values and votes, we will work with folks no matter their political party – not simply “across party lines.” We must simply roll up our sleeves and get the work done, and I’m ready to work with anyone in collaboration to ensure that Omaha is set up for success.

In fact, I’ve been doing this for a while now! In these photos, I am pictured with former US Senator Dave Karnes, Congressman Don Bacon, and Lt. Governor Mike Foley, all Republicans who are considered traditional and typical candidates.

The earliest photo is from 1988, where I attended a campaign rally for Senator Dave Karnes, who at the time, was the youngest person to be a U.S. senator. Karnes was instrumental in so many things in Omaha, including civic engagement and education.

I have worked with Congressman Bacon’s office to secure his sponsorship of the Neighborhood Homes Investment Act, creating gap funding for what it costs to build a house vs. what a developer can sell it for.

Lt. Governor Foley participated in an event celebrating a collaboration between the Omaha Housing Authority and Habitat for Humanity of Omaha, where my project led to the purchase of homes, turning them into homeownership opportunities.

When women lead, everyone is included in the political process, because we know what it’s like not to be.

-Naomi Hattaway

While I respect and value the positive impact of folks in all parties, throughout this campaign, I am reminded, my voice is also important, valid and valuable. Notice how I am at the podium and being listened to in many of these photos. I believe it’s time for the “typical” politician to take a seat and listen.

When women lead, everyone is included in the political process, because we know what it’s like not to be. When we think about nonpartisan engagement, it’s important to remember that collaboration is not about making concessions or changing our voices to comfort opposing viewpoints, but rather, making sure everyone has a seat at the table.

Image IDs:

(1) An old scanned photo shows a young Naomi in a crowd, holding two white balloons that read “Karnes ’88” in red text. She is wearing a white cowgirl hat and glasses, and a young Dave Karnes is to her right.

(2) Naomi stands to the left of Congressman Don Bacon. She is speaking to him with her hand on her chest. She is wearing a black dress and her hair sits naturally at her shoulders. Don Bacon is in a suit and holding a white cup.

(3) Naomi speaks at a podium with a soft smile on her face. She has on a black dress and a statement necklace. Behind her is Lt. Governor Mike Foley and Rep. Don Bacon.