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An Omaha For Everyone – a statement on racism

December 29, 2020

When I look at the happenings of recent weeks regarding the personal blog posts of Colleen Brennan, recently appointed to serve as a short-term replacement to the Omaha City Council, the issue I continue to remain focused on is that Omahans – each and every one of us – must prioritize equity if we care about each other. We need elected leadership who prioritize humility, actively seek out opportunities for learning, and who avail themselves of anti-racism practices. It is crucial that we elect leadership willing to acknowledge that racism is an ever present force in Omaha and our global community.

You and I may disagree on local policies, priorities for the metro, or the very definition of racism, but I hope we can come together to acknowledge that any oppression based on prejudice, bias or racism, whether individually wielded or as a result of policy and institutional tradition, is unjust and harmful. It is a weight on the future economic rebuilding we need in Omaha for 2021 and beyond. It is blatant mistreatment of our friends, our loved ones, and our neighbors. 

I remain committed to working intentionally towards an Omaha for everyone through my personal career choices, and my own campaign for City Council, District 6. We have an incredible amount of work to be done, and I truly believe enough of us are ready to roll up our sleeves and begin. One of those actions is during the upcoming Omaha elections, where we can use what we’ve each learned in 2020 as a driving force for forward movement. 

Naomi Hattaway