Naomi smiles with a green sweater, and text describing District 6 below it.

City Hall: 

Decisions made in City Hall impact you and your family every day, yet often we only focus on state and national lawmakers and elected officials. 

We are excited to share detailed policy papers, and a downloadable “newspaper” full of education and resources that covers the top six ways City Council impacts your daily life.

While we wrap up the creation of this resource and policies, please check out our free coloring pages, designed by Matthew of Studio MB. Simply “save image as” to download to your computer or mobile device!

A community of buildings and houses border a river. At the top is a braided design, and there is a bridge visible.
A "you are here" icon is at the top with the words, Vote Local. In the middle is a graphic of a mailbox with a "ballot" that says "Vote for Omaha" going into the dropbox.
The words Local Politics (are in caps) and the word Matter is in cursive
The Naomi for City Council logo is at the top of the page. In the middle are two buildings and a tree. The words An Omaha For Everyone are visible at the bottom.