Values are a big part of who I am and how I live my life. Learn more about how my values intersect with what I love about, and hope for District 6 and Greater Omaha.

Public Health + Safety

Public health and safety lend themselves to stable communities. We need leadership willing to listen to the experts and use data to drive common sense decisions, and leaders who will work together across governmental entities to prioritize saving lives and caring for each other during our current public health emergency. We are living in a critical liminal space and as we don’t yet know what post-pandemic life will look like, or when it will come, we need leaders who are courageous change management experts.

Stability in housing, including attainable housing that allows our firefighters, teachers, police and health professionals to live in the communities they serve is important. We also need to prioritize options for our aging population to stay in their current homes, or transition into safe and accessible living.

Meaningful and helpful transition opportunities (jobs, transportation, housing) for our neighbors who are leaving systems and circumstances such as aging out of foster care or re-entering after incarceration or homelessness is also important for the social fabric of our Omaha communities.

Safe neighborhoods matter a lot to me. I envision “a good place to raise a family” for everyone in Omaha. When some neighborhoods are safe and some neighborhoods are not, that means we have an unstable city. Plain and simple.

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Equity is: the state of being just and fair. Another definition says that equity is justice according to natural law or right.

From a financial standpoint, equity is the value of something less any amount of liabilities. It is time for true equity in Omaha. We have an opportunity to step up our game on all matters such as disability and racial justice, economic advantages, job infrastructure for our youth, and juvenile justice – for all Omahans.

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Smart Growth

Smart Growth means community, first and foremost. The decisions we make today impact our future Omaha community members, and we must ensure our choices truly impact our children and their children.  

Omaha trends well for fiscal responsibility, however regarding sustainability, and generational retention, we have work to do. Our children and our children’s children are not staying in Nebraska, and we can do something about that at the City Council level.

Additionally, we must prioritize conservation and development policies that protect our health and natural environment, so we can bolster our communities through economic strength, social diversity and shared prosperity.

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What’s Your Priority?

We want to hear from you as we deepen and further develop the campaign priorities in the months to come. We want to learn more about the issues that matter to residents of District 6, and the Greater Omaha residents.

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