My values intersect with what I love about Omaha, and what I hope for our city.

Public Safety, Health, and Essential City Services

Naomi is a proven leader who knows how to collaborate with the County and State leaders to prioritize public health and safety. 

Public Safety – Naomi supports furthering community policing initiatives, and diversification of recruit classes so the police force represents the residents of the City of Omaha.  Additionally, Naomi will champion efforts to increase mental health support for first responders, victims of crimes, and their families.

Essential City Services – Naomi values your tax dollars, and believes in being a good steward of the city’s finances. She will work to ensure the city has a strategic plan addressing street maintenance, and improvement of accessible areas that meet the needs of all Omahans. Additionally, Naomi believes city contracts should be well vetted, and efficient, including robust recycling and yard waste programs.   

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Naomi will advocate for equitable policies that are just and fair, and that also contribute to greater economic opportunity for all.  

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Smart Development

The development and real estate decisions we make today impact Omaha’s future. While our city believes in financial responsibility, Naomi sees an opportunity to invest in ways that create a more sustainable environment, keep our best and brightest from moving away, and attract news folks to our city. 

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What’s Your Priority?

Naomi wants to hear from you! When elected, Naomi will represent all residents of District 6. Share the issues and ideas that matter most to you. Email or call to leave a voicemail message at 402-885-9224!