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Naomi leans against a brick wall with her arms crossed. She is wearing a black sweater and teal shirt. She has curly black hai and is wearing glasses.

Public Health + Safety

Public health and public safety exist to support and maintain stable communities. We need leaders willing to listen to the experts, who use data to drive decisions. I am the right choice for District 6 as I will work in collaboration with the County and State to prioritize caring for each other as we continue to navigate the pandemic, as a consistent and reliable leader.

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Equity is the state of being just and fair. We have an opportunity to step up our game on all matters such as disability and racial justice, economic advantages, job infrastructure for our youth, and juvenile justice – for all Omahans. Simply from an economic lens, we are missing opportunities when we don’t seek equitable policies in our city .

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Naomi sits with her laptop in front of her, and a moss wall behind her. She is wearing a navy jacket and teal shirt. She is smiling and her glasses are on top of her head, sitting on curly black hair.
Naomi stands in front of an active construction site, wearing a teal shirt and a orange coat. She is smiling and is wearing her glasses.

Smart Growth

Smart Growth means community, first and foremost. The development and real estate decisions we make today impact our future Omaha community members, and we must ensure our choices truly impact our children and their children. Omaha trends well for fiscal responsibility, however regarding generational retention, we have work to do. Our children, and our children’s children are not staying in Nebraska, and we can do something about that at the City Council level.  

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